General information on the train driving licence

Scope of validity of the driving licence in accordance with the EU Community document
Train drivers driving on railways which are part of the Austrian high-speed railway system or of the conventional Austrian railway system (pursuant to § 125 (1) EisbG) will need this kind of driving licence.

Train drivers driving within certain functionally separated areas of railway operation, specified by the railway infrastructure company, and train drivers carrying out auxiliary railway operations or implementing transport from and to connecting lines are exempted from this requirement (pursuant to § 125 (3) EisbG (Railway Act)).

Prerequisites for issuance of a train driving licence:

  • completion of the 20th year of age
  • minimum school education of nine years and successfully fullfilled education which goes along with step 3 according to the Directive 85/368/EWG
  • physical fitness and occupational psychological fitness, as well as general professional competence for unaffiliated driving and operating of traction units

Procedure of application for a train driving licence:
Download application form blank to be completed and signed
Attach underlying documents requested
Mail signed application form including attachments to:
Schieneninfrastruktur-Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH
Registrierungsstelle FE
Lassallestraße 9b
A-1020 Vienna

The Railway Infrastructure Services Company (SCHIG mbH) will decide on issuing the train driving licence within one month from the date of receipt of the complete application documentation.

The train driving licence will be delivered upon payment of the fees and taxes as required.

Design and contents of the train driving licence

Fahrerlaubnis Front

Fahrerlaubnis Back

1. last name
2. first name
3. date of birth
4a. date of issue of the train driving licence
4b. date of expiry of the train driving licence
4c. issuing authority
5. European identification number (EIN)
6. photo
7. signature
9a.1. native language
9a.2. information pursuant to provisions of national legislation
9b. whether required to wear glasses/contact lenses and/or hearing aid/communication aid

 The card is provided with a number of safety features pursuant to EU requirements and is manufactured by Austria Card Plastikkarten und Ausweissysteme GmbH.

application for first issuance of a train driving licence
application for renewal of a train driving licence
notification of changes
application for issuance of a duplicate