Maintaining of Austrian Register of Infrastructure

General information on register of infrastructure

Concerning to

  • Article 6 (2) of the Commission Implementing Decision – 2014/880/EU of 26 November 2014 on the common specifications of the register of railway infrastructure and repealing Implementing Decision 2011/633/EU and
  • Article 4 (1) of Commission Implementing Regulation – 2019/777/EU of 16 May 2019 on the common specifications for the register of railway infrastructure and repealing Implementing Decision 2014/880/EU,

bmvit notified the entity SCHIG mbH to European Commission and European Railway Agency ERA as entity in charge of setting up and maintaining the Austrian register of infrastructure.

By means of the Austrian Railway Act issued on 26th November 2015, §§ 110 ff, the SCHIG mbH is assigned for

  • The implementation, operation and maintenance of national register of infrastructure according to the common specification of the European Commission and
  • The publication of national register of infrastructure on its website

The register of infrastructure is computerised and web-based application facilitating the virtual representation of European railway infrastructure.

The main purpose of the register of infrastructure is to set out transparent characteristics of the network and to be used as a reference database. Its data should be also employed for the checking before the use of authorised vehicles in accordance with Article 23 of Directive 2016/797/EU, monitoring of the progress of interoperability in the Union rail system, establishment of the network statement, compilation of the Route Book referred to in Appendix D2 to Implementing Regulation 2019/773/EU Article 6(2) and reuse of RINF data in other IT tools.

In accordance with transitional provision defined in Article 3 of Commission Implementing Regulation – 2019/777/EU:

  • Deadlines for the population of the register of infrastructure stipulated in Implementing Decision 2014/880/EU remain applicable and
  • The data collected and inserted in the register of infrastructure in accordance with Implementing Decision 2014/880/EU remains available and accessible

By means of the abovementioned transitional provision of Commission Implementing Regulation – 2019/777/EU and Commission Implementing Decision -2014/880/EU and based on Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council – 2008/57/EC the register of infrastructure consists of two mean components:

  • National register of infrastructure, one per member state, a data base as data supplier for the European register of infrastructure
  • European register of infrastructure manages and presents the data of national registers of infrastructure centrally and in well-structured manner

The central European register of infrastructure is established and managed by European Railway Agency ERA. The development, operation and maintaining of national register of infrastructure is the responsibility of each member state.

Until 31st December 2020, Austrian infrastructure managers shall submit data to SCHIG mbH as national registration entity.

From 1st January 2021, in accordance with Article 4 (3) of Commission Implementing Regulation – 2019/777/EU, the register of infrastructure will consist only of European register of infrastructure (RINF Application) and the infrastructure managers of each Member States shall be in charge of collecting and inserting the data directly to the RINF Application.