Notified Body

SCHIG mbH was accredited as inspection body according to ISO/IEC 17020 Type A (identification number 310) for the technical fields listed in the respective decree and published in the list of accredited bodies at by Akkreditierung Austria (Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy) for the first time on March 03, 2010 (initial date of accreditation, reference number BMWFJ-92.715/0021-I/12/2010). Moreover, SCHIG mbH is Notified Body for interoperability in the railway sector (No 2212). We guarantee impartiality, maximum competence, confidentiality, transparency and stand by our responsibility.

The Notified Body’s experts have profound knowledge and practical experience in the railway business, regularly attend specialist conferences and are members of national and international standardization bodies, such as e.g. the Technical Committee TM “electric train equipment” of the Austrian Electrotechnical Association (Austrian Standards Institute) and the respective expert groups of NB Rail.


As a Federal Government subsidiary, SCHIG mbH guarantees independence vis a vis other entities or economic interests (third party pursuant to ISO/IEC 17020). All of the company and its employees are subject to strict rules preventing any incompatibility with the duties of a Notified Body.

For example, it is ensured that neither SCHIG mbH itself nor its staff engages in development, manufacture, distribution, installation, procurement, use or maintenance of the objects inspected or competition products of the same kind or possesses them.


Quality is the paramount claim in the activities of the Notified Body with the objective to secure satisfaction of and cooperation with our customers on a partnership basis. We are engaging in a permanent process of improvement to offer optimum solutions to our customers.

SCHIG mbH has a certified quality management system according to EN/ISO 9001. In addition, the Notified Body is accredited by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (bmwfj) according to ÖVE/ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17020.