Portfolio of services

Being consulting engineers for railway infrastructure technology, SCHIG mbH offers expert opinions pursuant to §§ 19a, 31a, 32a, 34b and 40 Austrian Railway Act (EisbG) for the following fields:

  • railway operation and maintenance
  • rail transport facilities and railway engineering
  • constructive engineering
  • tunnel safety
  • overhead contact lines
  • railway power supply
  • high-voltage power lines
  • industrial safety
  • signalling
  • railway crossings
  • transport facilities (ancillary and external facilities = road projects)
  • electrical engineering and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)

In co-operation with other consulting engineers, civil engineers and issuers of expert opinions SCHIG mbH also offers the following areas of expertise:

  • noise protection
  • hydraulic engineering and hydraulic engineering technology
  • geotechnics and vibrations
  • building construction (architectural planning)
  • building services (HVACR)
  • waste management (demolition, construction activities)

For further information and details please feel free to contact us at schig.bs@schig.com.