Allocation of European vehicle numbers and registration in the National Vehicle Register

In accordance with the Railways Act, SCHIG mbH allocates a 12 digit European vehicle number for putting rolling stock into service and records this number in the Austrian National Vehicle Register.

The following alternatives of application are available:

  • registration of new vehicles/allocation of a vehicle code
  • modification of register data (e.g. information on a change of keeper)
  • deregistration of vehicles (withdrawal from service)
    (scrapping, transfer abroad)

For new registrations or allocations of vehicle numbers and  for changes in the National Vehicle Register, please download the following application form.

At the moment, the vehicle-specific application forms are only available in German language. If you need one of these forms in the English version, please contact us.

In addition, the following documentation is required for applications filed with the registration entity:
application documents as required

You can find information on how to attach the marking in TSI-operation and traffic management – appendix P.