Quality Management

With its successful certification in 2008 pursuant to ÖNORM EN ISO 9001:2008, SCHIG mbH guarantees quality in accordance with international standards.

With this certification we are committed to constantly improve our services in compliance with the requirements of our customers and our owner.

In addition to this certification, the Notified Body also implemented quality standards pursuant to ISO/IEC 17020, which in many fields exceed the requirements of EN/ISO 9001.

Quality is our paramount claim with the objective of satisfaction of and cooperation on a partnership basis with our customers. We are engaged in a permanent process of improvement to offer optimum solutions for our customers.

In addition, constant further education of our staff, special attention to confidentiality of data, independence and service orientation make the Notified Body a partner delivering highest quality.

Risk Management

In addition to the general business risks, such as the impact of the economic crisis, SCHIG mbH faces to an increasing extent the opportunities and risks of the liberalization of the European railway transport and the additional fields of activities resulting therefrom. Parallel to that, the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis affect the financial performance of SCHIG mbH’s business. Permanent systematic and traceable risk management is therefore essential.

For the purpose of handling risks, but also opportunities, with control and awareness, implementation of a company-wide integrated risk management system has been started in 2011.

On the basis of continuously updated evaluation and of experience gained, respectively, all identifiable risks are being subjected to permanent qualitative and quantitative assessment, especially with regard to possible extent of damage, probabilities of occurrence and measures to be taken.

Implementation of the measures defined by the risk owners and verification as to their effectiveness is monitored and documented by the risk management, resulting thus in a link to the QM system (improvement of the organization). A close relationship exists also to the company’s internal control system.

Risk management thus provides for a central set of instruments to support the management in achieving the objectives of the company, consequently it is being monitored and improved on a permanent basis.

The prime objective is to identify all existing risks and assess them in terms of money, to work out strategies for the risks, but also to identify opportunities alongside with the risks, and – in a very general manner – to strengthen risk awareness within SCHIG mbH.