Capacity Allocation Body & Charging Body

Since 10 December 2005, SCHIG mbH is capacity allocation body and in charge of ensuring non-discriminatory access to the railway network in compliance with the statutory framework conditions and with efficient handling. Since 2016, SCHIG mbH is charging body.

Legal bases regarding the allocation body can be obtained from the Austrian Railway Act as amended.

Duties of the allocation body and charging body:

  • Working out and revision of the Network Statement in conformity with the law in cooperation with the customers
  • allocation of train paths including ad-hoc requests
  • scheduling
  • determination of access charges
  • working out of infrastructure usage agreements and certificates for railway undertakings in accordance with § 70a EisbG

SCHIG mbH is the capacity allocation body and charging body for the following integrated railway undertakings:

More information on the infrastructure and on the services provided by these infrastructure managers, respectively, such as access charges, path reservation period etc. is available in the current Network Statement on their home pages.

In 2009, the first infrastructure usage agreements have been concluded for exercising ad hoc paths for further railway undertakings (so-called third-party railway undertakings); these agreements are subject to renewal on an annual basis.

Consulting activities for connecting railways
SCHIG mbH also offers advice and service for connecting railways (e.g. ascertaining infrastructure user charges).